Do you ever want to see the story of a game, but not actually play the game?
Amber's Airline Stories Being a flight attendant is the perfect job for Amber Hope! She gets to fly around the world, meet new people, and see all the amazing sights there are to see. Check out our full Amber's Airline Stories here!
Cathy's Crafts Stories Follow the adventures of would-be artist Cathy as she struggles to establish her creative spirit within the community of Snuggford. Check out our full Cathy's Crafts Stories here!
Delicious Emily Stories Emily O'Malley (neé Napoli) is a woman of Italian and Irish descent and a very good chef! A waitress who aspires to one day run her own restaurant, she works in several other restaurants in order to earn the money to eventually make her dream come true. Check out our full Delicious Emily Stories here!
Detective Jackie Stories Jackie Johnson is a straightforward, speak her mind, hold nothing back, private investigator. She has little patience especially for new technologies. People will never know the real her! She is extremely loyal and believes very strongly in family values. She is haunted by the past. Check out our full Detective Jackie Stories here!
Dr. Cares Stories Dr. Amy Cares is a newly graduated veterinarian who is trying to figure out where she can make the most difference. Luckily she has a very supportive grandfather and good friends to help her! Check out our full Dr. Cares Stories here!
Fabulous Angela Stories Angela Napoli is Emily's little sister. She's the 'wild one' compared to Emily and has spent her life testing boundaries and trying to figure out who she is. One thing is certain - she is meant to be a fashion designer and wowed millions when she appeared on a reality TV show. Less lucky in love, Angela was briefly married to Jimmy but is once again single. Check out our full Fabulous Angela Stories here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - 中文 - Chinese GameHouse的目标是创建角色会成为观众生活一部分的,让观众感受到的故事。 他们的角色有自己独特的声音和观点。 他们像每个人一样拥有希望和恐惧,犯错并重新振作起来。
该播放列表中的视频供我的中文阅读人群使用。 他们可能有中文字幕或游戏字幕。
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - 中文 - Chinese here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Deutsch Das Ziel von GameHouse ist es, Geschichten zu kreieren, in die sich der Zuschauer einfügt, mit Charakteren, die Teil des Lebens des Betrachters werden. Ihre Charaktere haben ihre eigenen einzigartigen Stimmen und Sichtweisen. Sie haben Hoffnungen und Ängste, machen Fehler und erholen sich wieder, genau wie jeder andere auch.
Die Videos in dieser Wiedergabeliste richten sich an mein deutschsprachiges Publikum. Sie können entweder Untertitel oder Spieletitel in deutscher Sprache haben.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Deutsch here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Español El objetivo de GameHouse es crear historias de las que el espectador se sienta parte, con personajes que se conviertan en parte de la vida del espectador. Sus personajes tienen sus propias voces y puntos de vista únicos. Tienen esperanzas y miedos, cometen errores y se vuelven a levantar, como todos.
Los videos en esta lista de reproducción son para mi audiencia de lectura en español. Pueden tener subtítulos o subtítulos de juegos en español.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Español here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Français Le but de GameHouse est de créer des histoires dont le spectateur se sentira partie, avec des personnages qui font partie de la vie du spectateur. Leurs personnages ont leurs propres voix et points de vue uniques. Ils ont des espoirs et des peurs, font des erreurs et se reprennent, comme tout le monde.
Les vidéos de cette playlist sont destinées à mon public francophone. Ils peuvent avoir des sous-titres ou des légendes de jeu en français.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Français here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Italiano L'obiettivo di GameHouse è creare storie di cui lo spettatore si sentirà parte, con personaggi che diventano parte della vita dello spettatore. I loro personaggi hanno le loro voci e punti di vista unici. Hanno speranze e paure, commettono errori e si riprendono, proprio come tutti.
I video di questa playlist sono per il mio pubblico di lettura italiana. Possono avere sottotitoli o didascalie in italiano.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Italiano here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - 日本語 - Japanese GameHouseの目標は、視聴者の生活の一部となるキャラクターを使用して、視聴者が一部と感じるストーリーを作成することです。 彼らのキャラクターは、独自のユニークな声と視点を持っています。 彼らには希望と恐れがあり、間違いを犯し、みんなと同じように自分を取り戻します。
このプレイリストのビデオは、日本語を読む読者向けです。 日本語の字幕またはゲームキャプションがあります。
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - 日本語 - Japanese here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - 한국어 - Korean GameHouse의 목표는 시청자의 삶의 일부가되는 캐릭터와 함께 시청자가 참여하게 될 이야기를 만드는 것입니다. 그들의 캐릭터는 그들 만의 독특한 목소리와 관점을 가지고 있습니다. 그들은 희망과 두려움을 가지고, 실수를하고, 다른 사람들과 마찬가지로 스스로를 다시 태 웁니다.
이 재생 목록의 동영상은 한국어를 읽는 독자를위한 것입니다. 한국어 자막 또는 게임 캡션이있을 수 있습니다.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - 한국어 - Korean here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Néerlandais Het doel van GameHouse is om verhalen te maken waar de kijker zich deel van zal voelen, met personages die onderdeel worden van het leven van de kijker. Hun personages hebben hun eigen unieke stemmen en gezichtspunten. Ze hebben hoop en angsten, maken fouten en pakken zichzelf weer op, net als iedereen.
De video's in deze afspeellijst zijn voor mijn Nederlandstalige publiek. Ze kunnen ondertitels of ondertitels in het Nederlands hebben.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Néerlandais here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Português O objetivo da GameHouse é criar histórias das quais o espectador se sentirá parte, com personagens que se tornam parte da vida do espectador. Seus personagens têm suas próprias vozes e pontos de vista únicos. Eles têm esperanças e medos, cometem erros e se recompõem novamente, como todo mundo.
Os vídeos nesta lista de reprodução são para o meu público leitor de português. Eles podem ter legendas ou legendas em português.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Português here!
GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Pусский Цель GameHouse - создавать истории, частью которых будет чувствовать себя зритель, с персонажами, которые становятся частью жизни зрителя. У их персонажей есть свои уникальные голоса и точки зрения. У них есть надежды и страхи, они делают ошибки и поднимаются снова, как и все.
Видео в этом плейлисте предназначено для русскоязычной аудитории. Они могут иметь либо субтитры, либо заголовки игр на русском языке.
Check out our full GameHouse Original Stories (GHOS) - Pусский here!
Heart's Medicine Stories Dr. Allison Heart enjoys going above and beyond for her patients. She is shown to have insecurities and doubts herself but always manages to come out on top. Allison cares deeply for her friends and values their help around the hospitals. Check out our full Heart's Medicine Stories here!
Hotel Ever After Stories Ella Centola is a beautiful girl of Italian descent. She runs a magical fairy tale inn that's more than just a hotel - it's a home! Check out our full Hotel Ever After Stories here!
The Love Boat Stories Based off the hit TV show, take a cruise down memory lane with Captain Stubing and his crew: Julie, Gopher, Isaac, & Doc. Check out our full The Love Boat Stories here!
Maggie's Movies Stories Margaret 'Maggie' Welles is a film producer/director. She was raised to treat others the way she would like to be treated. Even though she's in Hollywood now, no way will she turn into the kind of person she sometimes meets! She knows who she is, and will always listen to her Grandpa Bill's words. Hollywood, look out! Here she comes...! Check out our full Maggie's Movies Stories here!
Mary le Chef Stories Mary Vanderworth is a talented law student and aspiring chef, but her family’s dreams for her don’t reflect her own. Mary will have to choose her own path as she tries to balance her career with her goals. Check out our full Mary le Chef Stories here!
Mortimer Beckett Stories Mortimer Beckett is a pragmatic introvert who finds himself on numerous adventures, whether he wants to or not. Check out our full Mortimer Beckett Stories here!
Parker & Lane Stories Join determined detective Lily Parker and charming criminal defense attorney Victor Lane as they attempt to solve mysteries behind deadly crime sprees. Check out our full Parker & Lane Stories here!
Primrose Lake Stories Idyllic town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Primrose Lake is not as quaint as it seems. Check out our full Primrose Lake Stories here!
Rose Riddle Stories Rose Riddle is a detective who lives in a fairy tale realm. Check out our full Rose Riddle Stories here!
Sally's Salon Stories Follow the antics of Sally Milligan, a successful hair dresser who loves to go on wild adventures! Luckily, she has Francois to help - together they make an unbeatable team. Nearly everyone in Snuggford knows her, and she knows them. Nothing happens in Snuggford that she doesn't know about. Check out our full Sally's Salon Stories here!
To The Moon Stories Two doctors, Eva and Neil, traverse through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish. Check out our full To The Moon Stories here!
Unsung Heroes Stories Follow three passionate archaeologists as they uncover past lives. Check out our full Unsung Heroes Stories here!